HomeDepot survey - Win a $5000 Gift Card

Home Depot is one of the significant home improvement products retailing company which mainly sells various tools set, construction products, and many more. Well, Home Depot has recently started its customer satisfaction survey named survey on its official website.

If you have your recent purchase receipt with you, then you can only partake in this survey. Here you can provide your genuine feedback to help the company to inform more about the buyer’s requirements. Are you excited about taking this survey? We are also excited to let you know the leading information about this topic. So, let’s get started! Survey details:

The HomeDepot survey had started on February 3rd 2020, and expired on 3rd May 2020. Customers can freely join this survey while they have to share their valuable experience with Home Depot. They are always enthusiastic to know the responses from their leading customers. Here are the details of the HomeDepot survey.

Enter Home Depot Survey:

You can choose any of these below-mentioned methods to take part in the survey.

  • Mail-in-Entry.
  • Online Entry.

Home Depot customer satisfaction Survey by mail-in-entry:

  • You have to enter the survey through All the customers have to execute this via filling appropriate details.
  • The details should include the survey name, address, giver, email ID, and so on.
  • Customers should mail the survey for professional or consumer entries.

Follow this to mail the survey:

The consumer address where you have to mail the survey in 3*5” card is:

ASC / Home Depot 2018 Q1 US Consumer Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, P.O Box No. 430, Macedon, NY 14502-0430.

The professional category address where you have to mail the survey in 3*5” card is:

ASC / Home Depot 2018 Q1 US Pro-Consumer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, P.O Box No. 431, Macedon, NY 14502-0430.

Home Depot Survey Department Contact Details:

American Sweepstakes & Promotion Company, 300 State Street, Suite #402, Rochester, NY 14614.

Survey Sponsor:

Home Depot Store Support, Inc., 2455 Paces Ferry Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30339.

Home Depot Online Survey Entry:

  • First, the customer should buy things from Home Depot and preserve carefully the receipt as it is going to be utilized for that survey.
  • Visit the web portal of survey page to start the survey.
  • In this step, you need to provide important details like Entry ID, zip code, and password. All these details can be accumulated from the receipt only.
  • Now, fill the survey with authentic information only. Thus, customers can then enter the survey sweepstakes.
  • This is how they can grab a good chance of winning a $5000 Home Depot gift card.

You have to provide your name, email ID, and phone number as it is a sweepstakes program. If you are lucky enough, you can get to win that lumpsum amount.

Rules for partaking in Survey:

  • You should be a legal denizen of the USA.
  • You should be more than 18 years old to participate in this survey.
  • Prize transfer is not allowed.
  • One entry per purchase receipt.
  • This is not for Home Depot employees to partake in this survey.

Requirements for Home Depot Survey:

  • You should have a Home Depot purchase receipt.
  • Credible internet access.
  • A smartphone/laptop/tablet/PC.
  • Elementary knowledge and understanding of English or Spanish.
  • 5-10 minutes to accomplish the survey.
  • A legitimate email ID.

Home Depot Survey Links:

  • Let’s check out the rules and regulations of partaking in the Home Depot Sweepstakes survey 2020.
  • Let’s check out the Winners List of Home Depot Sweepstakes survey 2020.

Home Depot Survey Customer Service:

Home Depot was established in 1978 under the influence of Bernard Marcus, Ron Brill, Arthur Blank, and Pat Farrah. It is considered to be the massive home improvement retailer in North America.

  • Primary Support Number: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337)
  • Customer Care Number: 1-800-430-3376
  • >Email: [email protected]  

Getting more from your Home Depot Purchases:

If you don’t want to miss massive discounts, make sure to follow Home Depot on Facebook or Twitter. By following them over there, you will never miss the latest news and proclamation.


Top 5 Windshield Wipers – User Reviews & Ratings

Windshield Wipers, every car driver knows their importance. If you have ever been stuck on your way home from work during a torrential downpour, you understand how crucial it is that you be able to maintain visibility on the road in front of you at all times. One of the best ways to do that is by investing in a set of top quality Windshield Wipers. Here are updated list of best windshield wipers - Never buy without reading reviews, as well as a few of the reasons why they are a cut above the competition.

List of Best Windshield Wipers: Reviews

The following reviews offer you an overview of some of the best windshield wiper blades.

1. Rain-X 5079278 Latitude 8-In-1 Premium Graphite Coated Blade

Rain-X became famous because of an innovative compounds that they created that can be applied to windshields, and that allows for water to more easily bead up and be wiped away. They have applied the same technology to their Latitude line of windshield wiper replacement blades. When it comes to repelling water, these are second to none. Through a supreme simplicity of design, this unit uses a flexible body and a graphite powder coating to provide a solid and uniform contact surface between the blade and your windshield, which results in optimum water removal with each stroke.

2. Bosch 4822 Evolution All-Season Bracket-less Wiper Blade

Bosch is a legendary name in automotive parts, and their Evolution series represents some of the best Windshield Wipers they have produced so far. While this model uses standard rubber as its contact surface between your windshield and the wipers Bosch opted to go with maximum strength in their design by making it bracket-less. This has produced a blade that is a structurally rigid as possible, which allows it to perform exceptionally well in heavy snow, and in icy conditions. Winter weather puts an entirely different set of demands on Windshield Wipers, and these are certainly designed to take that kind of punishment season after season.

3. Bosch 424A ICON Wiper Blade

Of all the models of Windshield Wipers Bosch has produced, these may be some of the most innovative. This is a company that seeks to create products for many different breeds of customer, and if you like to go fast, then this is the windshield wiper replacement for you. The ICON series features a patented spoiler design. Along the surface of the blade that faces the brunt of oncoming wind. At interstate speeds, other units can actually experience a lifting force due to the angle of airflow, which can cause them to rattle, and operate noisily. The icon series uses the force of the air to maintain a steady pressure against the surface of the windshield, which means that they will stay silent, no matter how fast you’re traveling.


An Insight into Chromecast - Everything You Need to Know!

If you have been wondering what chromecast is then you have come to the absolute right place. With all the hype going around regarding the top rated device, let’s dive into the world of chromecast and try to understand this device better. Check out some of the common questions regarding this device and the review of this highly popular thing.

What is Chromecast?

The chromecast is a media player that streams content. To put it simply the chromecast will take things from the internet and then display it right onto your TV. The chromecast is also available in two varieties the normal one as well as the ultra version. However you must not confuse chromecast with Netflix because chromecast streams from netflix, it is a device to stream and not an entertaining platform. So what are the things that can be done with the device? Let’s take a look.

What can be done with the help of a Chromecast?

with the setup guide to Watch any video by streaming it. You can stream any video bought from the playstore but other than that the popular apps can also be streamed with the help of this. Some of the common examples include, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, History, Youtube, NBA and so on. The only platform that is not supported by the chromecast is the amazon videos. But owing to the large no. of options that this device provides, the absence is well sufficed for.

What else can one stream in this device?

Audios of course! Stream any audios in the world with the help of chromecast. You can play music from pandora, google play music or the cult favourite app of everyone, spotify. You can monitor the entire screen right on your TV with the help of chromecast, what it means is that you can display a presentation or watch youtube videos straight on your tv with the help of chromecast.

Some of the small disadvantages of this device:

Well there are not many things to hate about the chromecast. But some of the users complained regarding certain trivial things which can be a huge turn off for you. So let’s check out some of the disadvantages of using this device. There is no on screen interface that is built into the device. So you have no idea to see if an app is compatible or works with the device or not. But there is a feature on google home by which you can search the apps which are normally supported by chromecast. So you can take help from there and download only the supported apps.


How to delete Kik Account Easily?

There is no doubt to say that it is one of the best instant messaging apps ever created. You can not only send plain text messages, but also send images, videos, audios, and smileys. KIK is usually famous for its amazing features and regular updates. KIK ensures privacy and security of its users. In the 20th century age, we always ensure that our privacy is protected.

If you ever felt like to reset your or delete KIK account permanently, you can check out the following guide below. It is well-detailed, and if you follow it correctly, you won’t have any issues.


YouTube Downloading Tips and Tricks


YouTube is the largest video-sharing website in the world, and it gives us unlimited access to various types of videos. On this website, you can watch online videos for free in different qualities and formats. But some people want to download videos rather than watching them online so that they can store videos and watch them later.

There are many ways to download videos from YouTube, but most of the processes are complicated for some people to download videos from YouTube. Here you will be learning some of the easiest tips and tricks to download videos from YouTube so that you don’t face any complications while downloading.

YouTube Downloading Tips and Tricks:

Watching videos on YouTube is a very common thing, but most of the people want to download videos from YouTube in the easiest way.


The Way to Download Instagram on PC free


For those who have a passion for photography and sharing photos then you're likely already very knowledgeable about Instagram. Instagram is a portable App which lets you shoot videos and pictures onto your own telephone, and enhance them together with impacts, and talk about them socially. You are able to utilize Instagram videos and immediately share it together with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter along with Google+ directly on Instagram. The capacity to include cool effects and improvements would be that which exactly are enjoyed most of it App. Every selfie enthusiast needs to have Instagram installed on their own mobile phone.

Owing to its popularity, Download Instagram on PC continues to be desirable for years, however, it can have no typical official stage for Windows. Maybe the great people at Instagram usually do nothing enjoy desktop computer users? All jokes aside, that can be really a big drawback because most additional societal programs are fully accessible through a keyboard.


Unlike Some Other Cables, Fibre Optic Is Firm Not Fragile


Do you know so much about cables? How about optic fibre cables? Well that is what this article is for. Here are few things you should know about fibre optic cables: Optic fibre is made in glass and sure, some parts require carefulness when using it. But when working with a complete fibre optic cable, which is made in way to endure rough installations, it becomes easy.  The cat 5/5e/6/6a for instance has a pulling rigidity of up to twenty five pounds. Some others are made to survive two hundred pounds of pulling tension.  Studies have made it obvious that an Optic Fibre is able to endure more pulling pressure than copper cables. And also, it is rated top for its larger temperature ranges and is invulnerability to EM/RFI interference.

It Is Safer

Optic Fibre is safer for information transmission; it is more secured than most of the other cables. It is very difficult to hack information.  But while it is very difficult, this doesn’t mean it cannot get hacked. This is possible because all that is required is to have the network tap and physical access to the cable and you will be able to hack away.

Fibre Optic Works Irrespective Of Weather Condition

The cables are not disturbed by temperature, whether cold, hot or any other conditions since the fibres carry light.  But this is not so with copper cables which are easily disturbed by weather interference. For instance, coppers cables transmit much slower when it is hot and much faster when it is cold.

They Are Used For Wireless Connections

Fibre Optic cables are mainly used by telecommunication company because it carries wireless telephone signals from the towers to its principal network.  It is majorly used by most companies for its  ability to transmit easily and also its large bandwidth and long durability and compatibility with network equipments.
Easy To Set Up

Some years ago Fibre Optics were quite difficult to install, but today it has been improved on and made easier as technology has evolved with humans.  If you have no knowledge on the installation and would want to use Fibre Optic cables, all you have to do is call the experts and it will be fixed in no time at all. Simply put, fibre optic cables make use of light to transmit signals. The above are few advantages that you need to know.   The above are also meant to be reasons why you should make use of these cables. When getting this product you should be careful to get them from trusted and authorized suppliers.
Also you should ensure that the installation is done, if you can’t yourself, by professionals who are extremely skilled about it. If interested you can follow this link provided to get through to us. We make several kinds of Optic fibre cable Sheathing lines and other quality products you will probably be interested in. Trusted and organized, our products are one of bests.

The Role Of Being An IT Expert


IT Services Provider

Before we talk about the responsibilities of being an IT service provider lets discuss approach. When I was in high school the chemistry teacher would always talk about approach “A way to see what you are about to take on and how to make it easy and comfortable”.  The IT providing service is in a way like the “Dry Cleaning” service. Yes it doesn’t look so, but let’s take a closer look shall we?

When you make to use the service of a dry cleaner or an establishment that gives such service, your main concern after making sure the clothes gets there is coming back to meet it shiny clean right?

You don’t really concern yourself with what detergent was used, how many times it was washed, if the iron used in pressing the clothes was in good condition, certainly not.  You just need the end result which is, your clothes being clean. Same is related when providing IT services as an IT expert. The company or business, like the dry cleaner’s customer, does not concern itself with worries about their computers and software functioning smoothly.   

IT Expert

To the company there are two frames of service the IT service provider can offer and that is: meeting expectations or not. And when it’s not about meeting expectations, they expect you to resolve it.  Sometimes being an IT expert becomes so hectic and irritating: from the business that has ignored the most common troubleshooting of their own to the ones who want instantaneous results.

Sometimes you want to yell or hit at something out of frustration for a couple of minutes, but after this period you need to solve and mend the glitch because it is your job.

Being an IT professional is tasking because it covers a wide space of activities and thus you will need to match pace and meet up with vulnerability and patch management, development and security of software and so on.   Business do not employ IT experts for details ad explanation as you wouldn’t expect or want your dry cleaner to give you the step-by-step explanation of how your clothes ended up spotlessly clean.

Business Flow

You are expected to put things in their right conditions as to make the business flow. They (clients) are concerned chiefly about the results you churn out and how it helps them. Just as your dry cleaner is expected to do the monthly or daily maintenance on equipment and make available needed  provision and other things without notifying you, because they don’t concern you— not directly. 

So also you as an IT expert is expected to take care of issues, both obvious and inconspicuous.  Your client might have no idea on what you have done, that you may have upgraded the business system or made safe some security breakdown and so on.

It is your job as the IT expert to make sure these things are in order and working perfectly and help the client know how these activities are aiding in preventing critical problems.
Like I said, dry cleaning and IT service may not really look all that similar but if same approach is applied, you’ll understand a lot about your job and what is expected from you.  The bottom lines are: the business or client’s only concern is the result you give and how reliable you are at what you do.

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It Seems Apple Has A New Gift



The cyber world is rife with rumors that Apple is about to make known their new and bigger iPad. The industry’s insiders believes that it will be called “iPad Pro”

And the question now is: Apple, the biggest tech company, which has just let out an announcement of its new 15 inch MacBook Pro and a one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine arrangement of the 27 inch with Retina 5K display, can a bigger iPad be far behind?

Some are guessing that the announcement will commence by early June at the company’s World Wide Developers Conference which will be held in San Francisco while others are sure that the announcement will be made this fall, like the previous iPad presentations, this being between October and November every year since the 2012.

Not long ago the larger MacBook Pro was launched, so it looks like the fall prediction would be most likely to come true.

Some people ask how different will the iPad Pro be, words from insiders is that it will have a large 12.9 inch touch screen, which is obviously larger than the 9.7 inch Air2. Larger also than the 7.9 inch mini 3 and even most other notebooks models out there in the market.

The iPad Pro is expected to also have most of Apple’s latest features, like the Force Touch—a new track-pad that is force sensitive.

This allows it to respond to how much force is applied to the screen surface. The feature, basically, enables the device’s touchscreen have a secondary tap which is much like the right click button in the desktop system’s mouse.

This is operated by slightly tapping the surface as compared to pressing it.

The force touch feature was also in the 13 inch and 15 inch MacBook Pro, also was the retina display and its upcoming 12 inch MacBook. The new apple Watch also had this Force Touch feature.



Another question being asked is if Apple is going to carry the Stylus feature along too. Rumor going on is that the Pro will carry the Bluetooth iPen stylus feature as well, with pressure sensitivity of course.

It was not inconspicuous that the Former CEO, Steve Jobs, was not really in favour of this feature  and the executives at Cupertino, CA headquarters have  abandoned it.

Although the pen has gained much popularity within those who make use of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

It is expected that since the massive and still growing usage of the Apple pay by retailers, Apple should be encouraged by this to also make available an online Tap to pay with the newer device. This can be possible through Nearfiled Communication Capabilities (NFC).

Nearfield Communication capabilities is featured in the iPhone 6 plus and the Apple watch. Apple pay makes the device an automatic cash register.

After these upgrades and more, how much would this new bigger iPad Pro cost? Besides the fact that every increase in storage space per unit comes with an extra 100USD, I think it will be about the cost of an iPad Air2 plus a hundred or two hundred USD.

With the obvious way Apple are going, which is increasing the size of their devices as their product selection increases. I think it is safe to say the speculation that most of Cupertino’s brain trust are in the conviction that the bigger it is, the better it is.

Founder and partner with ThrottleNet Inc., George Rosenthal, offers technology services and products to aid business owners achieve their objectives and also helps make dramatic business growth.
ThrottleNet’s services includes cloud computing, custom software and development of mobile software applications which at also reduces costs.


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