Top 5 Windshield Wipers – User Reviews & Ratings

Windshield Wipers, every car driver knows their importance. If you have ever been stuck on your way home from work during a torrential downpour, you understand how crucial it is that you be able to maintain visibility on the road in front of you at all times. One of the best ways to do that is by investing in a set of top quality Windshield Wipers. Here are updated list of best windshield wipers - Never buy without reading reviews, as well as a few of the reasons why they are a cut above the competition.

List of Best Windshield Wipers: Reviews

The following reviews offer you an overview of some of the best windshield wiper blades.

1. Rain-X 5079278 Latitude 8-In-1 Premium Graphite Coated Blade

Rain-X became famous because of an innovative compounds that they created that can be applied to windshields, and that allows for water to more easily bead up and be wiped away. They have applied the same technology to their Latitude line of windshield wiper replacement blades. When it comes to repelling water, these are second to none. Through a supreme simplicity of design, this unit uses a flexible body and a graphite powder coating to provide a solid and uniform contact surface between the blade and your windshield, which results in optimum water removal with each stroke.

2. Bosch 4822 Evolution All-Season Bracket-less Wiper Blade

Bosch is a legendary name in automotive parts, and their Evolution series represents some of the best Windshield Wipers they have produced so far. While this model uses standard rubber as its contact surface between your windshield and the wipers Bosch opted to go with maximum strength in their design by making it bracket-less. This has produced a blade that is a structurally rigid as possible, which allows it to perform exceptionally well in heavy snow, and in icy conditions. Winter weather puts an entirely different set of demands on Windshield Wipers, and these are certainly designed to take that kind of punishment season after season.

3. Bosch 424A ICON Wiper Blade

Of all the models of Windshield Wipers Bosch has produced, these may be some of the most innovative. This is a company that seeks to create products for many different breeds of customer, and if you like to go fast, then this is the windshield wiper replacement for you. The ICON series features a patented spoiler design. Along the surface of the blade that faces the brunt of oncoming wind. At interstate speeds, other units can actually experience a lifting force due to the angle of airflow, which can cause them to rattle, and operate noisily. The icon series uses the force of the air to maintain a steady pressure against the surface of the windshield, which means that they will stay silent, no matter how fast you’re traveling.

4. Anco 31 Series 3118 Wiper Blade

This is a car parts company that understands that you have better things to focus on than constantly having to shop around for replacement automotive parts. This series of wiper blades is specifically designed for people who like to perform parts replacement on their own. There is a very good reason why this model consistently ends up at the top of the list for customer satisfaction on reviews sites. Installation is famously quick and simple (the blades literally just snap into place) and the Series 3118 wipers are built to last. If you’re searching for something that’s cost-effective, and with good performance in most types of inclement whether, you need not look any farther than these.

5. Valeo 600 Series Wiper Blade

If you’ve ever seen a set of Windshield Wipers that is due for replacement, you know what a mess they can make on your automotive glass. Conventional rubber will harden after a few years in the sun, which causes them to loudly streak across your windshield whenever they are in operation. After a while, the material may even start to come apart, which can leave a messy residue all over the surface of the glass. The Valeo 600 Series is made from a synthetic substance that resist this effect this much is possible, which will give you many more months of quiet and efficient water removal without having to worry about messy streaks appearing. Independent reviews have shown that these are able to consistently outperform more expensive models, which gives them fantastic “bang for the buck.” When you have chosen your wiper blade, learn how to change windshield wipers.


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