An Insight into Chromecast - Everything You Need to Know!

If you have been wondering what chromecast is then you have come to the absolute right place. With all the hype going around regarding the top rated device, let’s dive into the world of chromecast and try to understand this device better. Check out some of the common questions regarding this device and the review of this highly popular thing.

What is Chromecast?

The chromecast is a media player that streams content. To put it simply the chromecast will take things from the internet and then display it right onto your TV. The chromecast is also available in two varieties the normal one as well as the ultra version. However you must not confuse chromecast with Netflix because chromecast streams from netflix, it is a device to stream and not an entertaining platform. So what are the things that can be done with the device? Let’s take a look.

What can be done with the help of a Chromecast?

with the setup guide to Watch any video by streaming it. You can stream any video bought from the playstore but other than that the popular apps can also be streamed with the help of this. Some of the common examples include, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, History, Youtube, NBA and so on. The only platform that is not supported by the chromecast is the amazon videos. But owing to the large no. of options that this device provides, the absence is well sufficed for.

What else can one stream in this device?

Audios of course! Stream any audios in the world with the help of chromecast. You can play music from pandora, google play music or the cult favourite app of everyone, spotify. You can monitor the entire screen right on your TV with the help of chromecast, what it means is that you can display a presentation or watch youtube videos straight on your tv with the help of chromecast.

Some of the small disadvantages of this device:

Well there are not many things to hate about the chromecast. But some of the users complained regarding certain trivial things which can be a huge turn off for you. So let’s check out some of the disadvantages of using this device. There is no on screen interface that is built into the device. So you have no idea to see if an app is compatible or works with the device or not. But there is a feature on google home by which you can search the apps which are normally supported by chromecast. So you can take help from there and download only the supported apps.

The no. of the game that is provided in the app is not enough. What it means is that there are good games to play with a family or a child but if you are a hardcore gamer looking for PS4 level games in the chromecast then you will be definitely left disappointed with what it has to offer. But then again this is not a gaming software in the first place.

So these are the two small disadvantages of this device. Apart from this, the chromecast functions brilliantly in all TVs and Android as well as iOS devices too. There is no lagging or delay, the streaming takes place in HD quality and so on. Simply connect the chromecast right on to your TV and plug it in. Then you need to give chromecast an internet connection. Once it is done choose any video or audio that you want to stream. Chromecast is going to be your new best friend for lazy Sundays.


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